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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm so glad I found the Lord Jesus in time.

There is an old Gospel song that goes, "I'm so glad I found the Lord, Jesus in time) I found Him in time.I'm so glad I found Him in time. Picked me up and turned me around, placed my feet on solid ground,He took away all of my doubts. Then He moved all of my fears.He gave me joy unspeakable joy. Wiped away everyone of my tears, I'm so glad I found the Lord Jesus in time!! I have heard that some so many times in the past, but I never really understood the power in it until about a month a go.

 There is a precious saint at our church who truly loves the Lord. She ushers at the church, she attends Sunday school faithfully. I have watched God move her from the back row of the church to the taking the lead in Sunday school, Easter programs, etc.. God was not finished with her. She joined the choir and on the first time out the gate with the choir she is leading a song called "I'm so glad I found the Lord Jesus in time." she sang it with so much joy and authority I was moved by the power of God in her voice. Satan said I'm not having it. tragedy stuck this sister, she had a brain aneurysm as she was going to the back of the church still singing. After being rushed to the hospital and flown to a specialized hospital in Chicago, and several surgery and rehabs events, she is getting better.

 I went to visit her in the hospital today and I was met with the light of God in her eyes. When I see her now I hear this song again in my heart and this is what it says, I'm so glad I found the Lord Jesus in time, before my body broke down, before I got in the midst of this storm, before my bills out number my money, before Adrienne Vittadini Holt Boot (Google Affiliate Ad)my health started to fail me, before I got in this bad relationship, before I lost my way. I am so glad I found the Lord Jesus in time. If you don't know the Lord Jesus, you can find Him right now, right where you are. He wants to give you a second chance. Thank you sister for blessing my soul in song!!! You are my hero.

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